Dr. Montminy to hold mindfulness session at high school
Dr. Montminy to hold mindfulness session at high school
Nevin Pighetti
Monday, September 24, 2018

Mindful Solutions for Common Student Problems

BEA Parent Education Series

With Dr. Peter Montminy

Child Psychologist and Mindfulness Teacher


**All sessions held at the Bald Eagle Middle/High School in the LGI from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM**

Have you ever driven your car somewhere only to realize you remember nothing about your trip? Have you ever noticed when you or your child has done something out of anger or worry, without realizing it, and then regretted it later? Most of us have! Mindfulness techniques help us to be fully present and aware of what we are doing without feeling overwhelmed or overly reactive to what is going on around us.

Choose as many sessions as you would like. Participation in a previous session is not required. Registration link (https://goo.gl/forms/YXG9Uqpbr...)

Session 1: Mindful Solutions for Childhood Stress – Tuesday, 10/2/18

Youth today are feeling the toxic stress of 24/7 demands in the digital age – experiencing information overload and emotional overwhelm.  Learn how to stress-proof your kids with an introduction to mindfulness skills that both you and your child can use to feel & function better.

Session 2: Mindful Solutions for Homework Hassles - Tuesday, 11/6/18

Feel like homework is a dark cloud hanging over your child’s head – avoiding, arguing, dreading, dragging on?  This is a great homework efficiency program to ease the nightly burden for all.

Session 3: Mindful Solutions for Intense Emotions (Anger to Anxiety) - Tuesday, 12/4/18

Sometimes stress gets the better of us – parents and kids alike.  We lose our cool – blowing up, melting down, or freaking out.  Learn how to thoughtfully respond, instead of emotionally react, using a fool-proof method for you and your child or teen.

Session 4: Mindful Solutions for Managing Daily Routines (Mornings to Bedtime) - Tuesday, 1/15/19

Have trouble getting your child out of the house in the morning, getting chores done, or getting to bed at night?  Learn the 3-R’s that teach kids how to responsibly care for themselves.

Session 5: Mindful Solutions for Screen-Time Power Struggles - Tuesday, 2/12/19

Worried that your child is addicted to online videos, games, texting, snapchatting, etc.?  Learn how to regulate your child’s digital diet – keeping them safe and healthy, both online and off.

Session 6: Mindful Solutions for Sleep Problems - Tuesday, 3/19/18

The number one problem kids & teens report today is feeling tired – parents too!  Learn practical ways to overcome racing minds and restless bodies that prevent a good night’s sleep.