Bald Eagle Area School District
Board of Education

BEA Board of Education 2015

Pictured Above (From Left) Seated: Richard Watters, Jeffrey Turner, S. Thomas Letterman, and John Rougeux.  Standing:  Timothy Nilson, Mary Ann Hamilton, Tawna Smith, Theresa Peters, and Susan Butterworth.

The Bald Eagle Area School District is divided into the following three regions. Each region is represented by three Board members.

MOUNTAINTOP REGION, consisting of Snow Shoe Borough, Snow Shoe Township and Burnside Township. The Board members representing this area are:

Mrs. Sue Butterworth, Director
P. O. Box 265

Clarence, PA  16829
(814) 387-4636
Term expires 2015

Mr. Timothy E. Nilson, Secretary
101 S. Moshannon Avenue
Snow Shoe, PA 16874
(814) 387-6788
Term expires 2017

Ms. Mary Ann Hamilton, Director and CPI Representative
108 Byzantine Lane
Clarence, PA 16829
(814) 387-6228
Term expires 2017

EAST BALD EAGLE REGION, consisting of Howard Borough, Howard Township, Milesburg Borough and East Precinct -- Boggs Township. The Board members representing this area are:

Mr. S. Thomas Letterman, President and CIU 10 Representative Alternate
Box 217
Milesburg, PA 16853
(814) 355-7697
Term expires 2015

Mr. John Rougeux, Director
325 Mill Street Extension
Howard, PA 16841
(814) 625-2439
Term expires 2017

Mr. Richard Watters, Director  and PSBA Liaison 
146 Main Street
Howard, PA  16841
(814) 625-2737
Term expires 2015


WEST BALD EAGLE REGION, consisting of Worth Township, Port Matilda Borough, Union Township, Unionville Borough, Huston Township and West Precinct -- Boggs Township. The Board members representing this area are:

Mrs. Theresa D. Peters, Director
845 E. Mountain Road
Port Matilda, PA 16870
(814) 692-7402
Term expires 2015

Mrs. Tawna Smith, Director
297 Ardery Hollow Road
Port Matilda, PA  16870
(814) 692-5227
Term expires 2015

Mr. Jeffrey C. Turner, Vice-President and CPI Representative
433 Henderson Road
Julian, PA 16844
(814) 692-7407
Term expires 2017

Mr. Daniel F. Fisher, Treasurer (Non-Voting Member)
1375 Old 220 Road
Bellefonte, PA 16823
(814) 355-2314 


Matthew Blaylock, Board of Education Representative

Matthew Blaylock is the new Student Representative to the Board of Education for the 2014-15 school year. Matt will attend the monthly board meetings and report on student news.



"Leaders need to be optimists.  Their vision is beyond the present."
Rudy Giuliani