BEA Food ServiceBEA is proud of the quality Food Service Program we offer and we do our best to keep our customers, the students of Bald Eagle Area, happy and well-fed.  The BEA Food Service Department menus are formatted using a Food Component planning system according to federal nutrition standards for school meals. These standards ensure that meals are well-balanced and provide students all the nutrition they need to learn and be healthy. The meals served in our schools include lots of fruits and vegetables, low-fat milk, and whole grains.  USDA's standards for school meals further ensure:

  • Age-appropriate calorie limits
  • Daily offerings of vegetables and fruits (students must take at least one serving of produce)
  • A guaranteed variety of vegetables, including dark green, red/orange, and starchy vegetables and legumes
  • Fat-free or 1% milk (flavored milk must be fat-free)
  • More whole grains
  • Less Sodium

About is a service provided to parents that will allow:
Parents to set up an account with a user name and password
Parents to deposit money directly into their student's account
Parents to associate multiple students under one account
Parents to view multiple students at once
Parents to see the last 30 day account history (payments and purchases) and the balance on the account


"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." 
 ~ James Beard