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Both the art and music curriculum is aligned with the PA State Standards for Arts & Humanities as well as the National Standards provided by Music Educators National Conference (MENC) and the National Association of Arts Education (NAEA).  The BEA Curriculum supports the common five arts standards:

  • The ability to communicate in the four disciplines (music, dance, theater, and visual arts).

  • Proficiency in one of the four disciplines.

  • The ability to analyze works for art.

  • Knowledge of exemplary works of art from a variety of cultures and historical periods.

  • An understanding of the relationship of arts knowledge and skills within and across the arts.

BEA Art Teachers

Ashley Corvin - Middle and High School Art
Rosemarie Cox - Middle and High School Art
Stephanie Gardner - Middle School Art
Janet Riggio - Elementary Art


Art project at Wingate Elementary.

Elementary students use a
blending stone to learn about working in
the third dimension.


"Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
~ Pablo Picasso