Reading WondersThe Bald Eagle Area School District is excited to share the adoption of a new K-6 reading program, Reading Wonders, this school year.  Reading Wonders is the first and only reading program designed specifically for the Common Core State Standards.  This program combines strong research based instruction to meet today’s educational challenges.

The Reading Wonders Program provides unmatched support for:

·   Building a strong reading foundation 

·   Accessing and understanding complex text

·   Finding and using text evidence

·   Engaging in collaborative and supportive conversations with the teacher and peers

·   Integration of writing to sources

Reading Wonders uses a rich range of print and digital media to engage students.  This reading program was specifically designed to teach to the rigor, intent and depth of the new Common Core State Standards. Bald Eagle Area teachers will still teach using a Balanced Literacy approach that includes the foundational skills you are most familiar with including phonics, phonological and phonemic awareness, high-frequency words, spelling, vocabulary, and reading instruction.  Some changes parents may notice include: more complex and rigorous reading texts, increased use of online resources, more rigorous test questions, improved integration of writing and grammar skills with reading, increased use of teacher modeling and lesson differentiation to meet all the needs of all students, an increase in student collaboration, and more emphasis placed on student responsibility for their own learning.


Gotta Keep Reading at BEA!
(See a great video of students and reading.  This video was made during the 2012-13 School Year - and BEA students & staff are still loving to read, read, read!)



"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." ~ W. Fusselman