The Bald Eagle Area School District (Centre County, PA), is looking for our next Superintendent of Schools. The anticipated appointment is on or about July 1, 2020. The school district currently serves approximately 1,530 students with an annual budget of nearly $35 million.

The Board of Directors is looking for an accomplished leader with proven success in raising student achievement and a commitment to providing a dynamic 21st century learning environment where all students, including those with diverse socio-economic backgrounds, can achieve their full potential. The successful candidate will be a strong leader with a communication style that promotes close cooperation between parents, teachers, other school district staff and the community in a collaborative, child-centered environment.

The successful candidate will be: skilled in selecting, motivating and evaluating highly qualified staff; have the ability to delegate responsibility; an interpreter of data with a consistent focus on team building and team effectiveness; knowledgeable on educational trends, research and innovative practices; experienced in school finance, budgeting, grant writing and cost effectiveness strategies while maximizing human and financial resources. Ideally, the successful candidate will have proven experience as a teacher and school administrator, including central office experience as well as successful experiences with community involvement and proven leadership skills. S/he will be a person with a high standard of ethics. Salary range will be from $115,000 to $140,000. Qualifications will meet board criteria, including but not limited to the skills listed above. PA letter of eligibility required.

Interested candidates should send a signed cover letter, curriculum vitae, PA letter of eligibility (copy), sealed university transcripts, Act 24 clearance, Act 34 clearance, Act 126 (Child Abuse) clearance, Act 151 clearance and Act 114 FBI fingerprints (dated within 1 year) to 113 Stone Hedge Court, Lebanon, Pa 17042 attention Dr. Edward Albert. Please provide a secure e-mail address. The submission deadline is February 14, 2020. For additional information please contact Dr. Edward Albert at ealbert@parss.org or call at 717-587-3521.

The School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.