New Face Coverings Guidelines for Schools
New Face Coverings Guidelines for Schools
Laurie Hall
Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Dear BEA Parents and Students:

Yesterday, the state came out with updated guidance regarding wearing facial coverings in school.  Previously, if students or staff were able to social distance (sit or stand six feet apart), then facial coverings were not required to be worn.  Yesterday, that decision was amended by PDE and now facial coverings are required to be worn by students and staff at all times with a few exceptions.  Those are:   When students are eating or drinking at least 6 feet apart.  When wearing a face covering creates an unsafe condition in which to operate equipment or execute a task.  Students can have up to 10 minute "face covering breaks" provided they are 6 feet apart.  A link to this new order is below.  
I realize this may impact your decision on what option you choose for your child[ren] to start the school year.  Later today, a message will be sent out and a brief survey link will be available if you wish to change the option you chose for your child[ren].  The link will be open until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, August 19.  Our first day of school is still August 25.  I can assure you that students will be given "mask breaks" at all grade levels, but more often for younger students.  While students are outside participating in class or recess, they will not be required to wear a mask if they are at least 6 feet apart.  That remains the same.  As a district, despite all of the numerous and constant changes that we face, we are committed to providing your child[ren} with an excellent education regardless of which option they choose.  We are all in "uncharted waters" with this pandemic and more changes will likely occur over the coming days and weeks.  Please be patient with us but also please communicate any questions or concerns you may have to your child[ren}'s teacher, principal, central office administration, or me.  Thank you for your continued support.

Here is the link for more information

Scott V. Graham