A message from Mr. Graham 12-22-20
A message from Mr. Graham 12-22-20
Laurie Hall
Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Dear BEA Community:
I wanted to update you on the past several days since students have not been in-person learning.  We have had two cases reported since last Wednesday.  One was a student the other was a cafeteria worker at the high school.  I was concerned about the cafeteria worker since they were potentially contagious early last week.  I spoke with the DOH and received word, after they consulted with an epidemiologist, that any risk to the student body or staff who ate lunch was minimal and there was no need for any students or staff to quarantine who ate in the cafeteria.
We did quarantine individuals in both cases who were close contacts and their parents or in the cases of adult employees, have been notified.
I would like to emphasize that if any student or staff member is exposed to Covid in their household or in another situation, please contact me over break and I will either answer your questions or have one of our nurses contact you.  It is imperative that if we are to open as planned on January 4, 2021, we are aware of cases that occur over Christmas break.  
The good news is that using the new state matrix, we start over at zero cases when we return on January 4. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Scott V. Graham