Special Education Screening Information

The District's on-going comprehensive screening effort includes three levels of activities:

1) Level I Screening includes group-based data such as a review of cumulative records, enrollment records, health records, and report cards; and is an ongoing process throughout the school year based on specific requests at the building level;

2) Level II Screening includes: 

A) hearing screening for grades 1, 2, 3, 7, and 11 conducted in the fall at the Bald Eagle Area Schools;

B) vision screening conducted for all grades in the fall at the Bald Eagle Area Schools.

C) physical exams for grades K, 6, and 11 conducted during the first few months
of the school year at the Bald Eagle Area Schools;

D) motor screening, which is accomplished through the observation of the student's motor skills by the student's regular teacher and physical education teacher, and speech and language screening conducted by a speech and language clinician for students about whom there is a concern in speech and language skills;

3) Level III Child Study Team Screening. The Child Study Team process is an on-going process composed of assessment and intervention procedures that are used to assure that students receive an effective instructional program, with appropriate support services when necessary, that will meet their learning needs.

Eligibility, Placement, and Programs 

Following applicable screening activities, a child may be referred for a multidisciplinary evaluation (MDE) to help determine eligibility for special education services. Parents may refer a child for a MDE at any time, and are encouraged to participate in the evaluation process. An IEP team, of which parents are members, will review the recommendations of the MDE team, to determine if the child is exceptional and to determine educational programming and placement.

The Bald Eagle Area School District, along with the Central Intermediate Unit #10, provides specially designed instruction as determined by an IEP team to meet the needs of any student who meets eligibility criteria in the following exceptionality categories:

(a) autism/pervasive developmental disorder

(b) emotional disturbance

(c) traumatic brain injury

(d) deafness/hearing impairment

(e) specific learning disability

(f) mental retardation

(g) multiple disabilities

(h) other health impairment

(i) orthopedic impairment

(j) speech and language impairment

(k) blindness/visual impairment

(l) giftedness

Related services such as transportation and any developmental, corrective, and support service needed to assist an exceptional student to benefit from extended school year programming is available for those eligible students with severe disabilities when an IEP team determines that regression has occurred in the areas of self-sufficiency and independence, due to an interruption in educational programming and limited recoupment capacity.

Request for Screening

An individual should contact the building principal or central office administration to request that the Bald Eagle Area School District initiate screening and evaluation activities for a child. The request must be in writing and requires parental consent. A form will be provided for that purpose.

Howard Elementary(814) 625-2423
Mountaintop Area Elementary(814) 387-6861
Port Matilda Elementary(814) 692-7429
Wingate Elementary(814) 355-4872
Middle/Senior High School(814) 355-4868
Special Education Office(814) 355-5731
District Elementary Office(814) 355-3737
Superintendent's Office(814) 355-4860