School Building

Howard Elementary is located within the town of Howard Pennsylvania and is a typical small town, with a strong sense of community.  Many days you can catch children riding their bikes and scooters to and from school. The Howard School was built in 1922 and has had several renovations over the years.  However, you would not find any changes in the positive impressions associated with our school.

Howard Elementary is a family and community centered school. High regard is held for the educational standards set for each student. Presently we help to educate just under one hundred very energetic and motivated children from kindergarten through fifth grade. These are students who yearly score high marks on achievement tests and the Pennsylvania State Assessments. These are students who are also very involved with the extra curricular activities offered within the school such as the music programs, tutoring, and Parent-Teacher Association (P.T.A.) events. And, these are students who are participating in their community organizations, such as the Scouting programs, helping with fundraisers for the local fire company, and religious affiliated activities.

The P.T.A. meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30 P.M. in the school's library. Like their children, the parents and teachers hold many family events throughout the school year, such as a Fall Festival, Holiday events and a Spring Carnival. Funds are raised to purchase learning materials for classroom use and books for the school's library. These funds are also used to purchase material to continue to enhance the educational experience for all students. As well as, field trips related to the curriculum are also sponsored by the P.T.A.