Welcome to the Mathematics Homepage! Here you will find upcoming activities as well as teacher websites. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our page!

Math Tutoring will be held during lunch periods 4, 6, and 8. Sign out before leaving lunch and sign when you get to tutoring!

Period 4 & 8 in room 23

Period 6 in room 82

Students can also be assigned to after school math tutoring on Tuesdays

Classroom Homework Policies

All math teachers will be following these policies

  • Our intent is for each student's success. Teachers will provide assistance as needed. Students are responsible for completing work.
  • All assignments are expected to be done and turned in on time
  • Students are required to show all work on assignments and tests
  • Students are required to bring their covered textbooks, binders, paper and pencils daily to class

Useful Links

Ask Dr. Math

The Math Forum - A math question archive hosted by Drexel University. Students can find answers to common Middle/High school questions as well as post their own questions.

Calculus Help and Tutorials

Calculus on the Web - Hosted by Temple University. This site contains topics for the various levels of calculus and has interactive tutorials to help students calculate limits, find derivatives, and find integrals. 

Please note that integral calculus is contained in the "Calculus Book II" section of the main web page.

This site has students attempt a problem and gives hints if the problem is done incorrectly.


Resources (tutorials, simulations, guided practice) arranged by topic or following your textbook. Free registration and ability to create your own front page tailored to your course