Welcome to the middle school section of the BEASD website! Our middle level program is designed to address the academic and social needs of adolescents. Two seventh and two eighth grade teams provide a supportive and enriched environment to support students during this important time in their lives. Class periods for seventh and eighth grade students have been extended to provide time for more active learning experiences. In September 2011, for the first time in BEA history, the sixth graders became part of the Middle School. A teacher team approach is utilized for the sixth graders. See sixth grade teachers here. [ADD LINK TO DIRECTORY WHEN AVAILABLE] There are three teams of two teachers, who each provide instruction and support for about 50 students. Math and Language Arts are taught in a 90-minute block period with Science and Social Studies each receiving 58-minute periods every other day. Additional teacher support is available, as needed, in the afternoon, as well as other subjects including Physical Education, Music, Art, and Keyboarding. Students have exploratory courses available in Consumer Science and Spanish.

Activities and clubs are being added to extend student learning and to provide positive connections to our school community. We look forward to further implementation of middle level programming that strives to engage our students in relevant and challenging learning experiences.

Your interest in, support of, and advocacy for our middle level students is greatly appreciated. Remember, if your child is ill and will be missing 2 or more days of school due to illness, please contact the Attendance Office (355-5721) and request assignments.