11th Grade Physical Examinations

  1. The Pennsylvania School Health Law states that all 11th grade students must receive a physical examination. Parents of 10th and 11th grade students are given 11th grade physical examination information and a Private Physician Physical Examination Form in the fall of the school year. Additional Private Physician Physical Examination Forms can be obtained at any time from the school nurse. You may also download this form by clicking on it below.
  2. It is recommended that the 11th grade physical examination be done by the student's private physician as they know the student's health history the best.
  3. Private physical examinations that are done during the 10th grade year, the summer before 11th grade or during the 11th grade year will be accepted. The completed Private Physician Physical Examination Form needs to be turned in to the school nurse prior to the date of the school physical examination.
  4. If your son/daughter gets a physical examination for a driver's permit or working papers, please have the physician complete a Private Physician Physical Examination Form. The Private Physician Physical Examination Form must be turned in to the school nurse. Working papers are not accepted as a private physical examination.
  5. School physical examinations for 11th grade students are done by our school physician in the spring of the year and are free of charge. Any abnormality that is detected by the school physician will be referred to the parent for follow up with a private physician.
  6. Sports physicals that are done for a sport that a student participates in during the 11th grade school year meet the Pennsylvania School Health Law 11thgrade physical requirement.

You may download a copy of the Private Physician Physical Exam Form below. I suggest that you either mail the form to me or fax it to me at 355-5156. Please call me if you have any questions

Private Physician's Report of Physical Examination