Wingate's School Wide Title I Program:

Wingate Elementary operates a Schoolwide Title I Program. This means that our Title I funds are used to serve all children, to help enrich the students at Wingate using a Multi Tiered System of Support.  The center of a Schoolwide Program is the Schoolwide Plan. This plan set goals for the Title I Program within a building. It is established by school staff and parents using data from a comprehensive needs assessment. The plan is updated annually.  A Schoolwide Program serves all students in the building. It allows for flexibility in spending Title I funds. A Schoolwide Program allows all teachers to access Title I resources and professional development opportunities as defined by the Schoolwide Plan. All parents have access to parent involvement activities and resources.The staff recognizes that a child's educational process is the responsibility of the parent, teacher and student. We must work together as knowledgeable partners in order to successfully educate the students of Wingate Elementary. 

Below you will find a link to our Schoolwide Plan. Please feel free to review the Schoolwide Plan at your convenience. 

Wingate School Level Plan 2019-2020