Safety in Youth Sports Act

Concussion management and awareness

Effective July 1, 2012, a new law called the Concussion Management and Awareness Act was signed into law. This law requires our school district to have procedures in place to deal with students who are suspected of suffering concussions while participating in athletics or engaging in any school-sponsored activity, including academics. According to the legislation, a concussion does not have to be sustained at school in order for the school district to be required to comply with the legislation. This new piece of legislation requires:

  • The removal of the student-athlete from all physical/athletic activities if the student is believed to have sustained or who has sustained a mild brain injury.
  • There will be no return to participation in any physical/athletic activity until the student has been evaluated and receives written permission to return by a licensed physician or licensed or certified healthcare practitioner trained in the management of concussions.
  • Our Concussion Management Team and the Bald Eagle Area School District Concussion Management Plan requires that:
  1. Athlete must follow-up with their attending physician, after being assessed as sustaining a concussion by a Licensed or Certified Medical Practitioner trained in the management of concussions. The Athlete will also have a symptom check daily, pass neurocognitive testing once asymptomatic, complete phasic return to play, and then be cleared by the attending physician to return to participation in activity.
  2. A letter to the physician and copy of our phasic return to participation, related to the BEA Concussion Management Plan, will be provided to you to take to your attending physician at your appointment. You can find copies of this information on our website.
  • Please remember to secure a written release from the physician prior to return to participation.
  • All coaches, physical education teachers, nurses and athletic trainers are required to complete a course of instruction relating to the recognition of symptoms of mild brain injury and seeking appropriate medical treatment.
  • Parents or others in parental relationship must sign permission slip that contains information relating to concussion.

School districts must post concussion information on their websites and provide written information and/or power point presentations on a seasonal/yearly basis.