Cyber Learning FAQ
Cyber Learning FAQ
Laurie Hall
Thursday, July 16, 2020

Hello BEA Parents, Guardians, and Students:
We wanted to take this opportunity to share information about Bald Eagle Area’s Cyber Academy (BEACA). This informational letter will help your family learn more about the opportunities BEACA offers and the options being provided. Below are some frequently asked questions and links to resources about BEACA.
Q: How do I enroll my child in the BEACA program?
A: The form is accessible on the BEA website ( Print and drop off, email, or US mail the completed form to the District’s Administration Offices (751 South Eagle Valley Road, Wingate, PA 16823).
***The deadline to enroll in the BEACA program is Friday, August 14. If you begin the school year in a traditional school setting and wish to enroll in BEA’s Cyber School, you may do so. District Administration and the Cyber School Facilitator will work with you to ensure a smooth transition.
Q: Who qualifies for enrollment in the BEACA program?
A: Any student living in the Bald Eagle Area School District (K-12) is eligible to enroll.
Q: Is the curriculum and teaching staff the same as the regular classroom?
A: No. Curriculum is provided by various online programs (e.g., Lincoln Learning Solutions, K12, Educere, Accelerated Education). A PA certified teacher, working for that online program will provide the instruction and grade assignments and/or assessments through asynchronous delivery (not a live class setting). Bald Eagle Area Cyber Academy staff are available for tutoring sessions by phone or in person.
Q: How does attendance work?
A: Attendance is flexible and based on a 24-hour window. Student daily attendance is tracked by a login feature, embedded within each course. Students are required to log in every day and submit designated assignments to show participation.
  Instructional hours are monitored by the
 online course’s teachers and BEA Cyber Academy staff each school day in accordance with PDE
 guidelines. The BEACA school year follows the Bald Eagle Area School District calendar.
 Below is an example of a sample activity page students would see upon logging in:
Sample student activity page

   Course Minutes
English Language Arts Consumer Math American History 1 Environmental Science Total Minutes
90 Minutes 45 Minutes 60 Minutes
40 Minutes
235 Minutes
 Q: Will my child be considered a Bald Eagle Area student?
A: Yes. Every opportunity will be available to them, the same as any other student attending the traditional school. This includes sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities. The same school policies apply as in the traditional school. For example, a doctor’s note is required in the event of an absence and eligibility for participation in sports or activities is based on grades and behavior.
Q: Do I need to buy a laptop or printer?
A: No. Chromebooks are provided by the school district and all course materials are available online. If students would prefer or want instructional materials printed, they may use available resources in the District buildings such as printers, copiers, etc.
Q: How will my child learn how to navigate and use their online courses?
A: Your child can request to meet with a staff member of the BEA Cyber Academy for an orientation of the online platform, call and/or email with specific questions, or use the self- tutorial feature embedded in the courses. Use the link below to view a sample of an online tutorial from Lincoln Learning Solutions: https://assets.lincolnlearning...
Q: How are classes selected for students at the Middle/High School level?
A: School Counselors oversee and manage the required courses and credit requirements for students in grades 6-12. Electives are chosen by the students.
Q: How are classes chosen for BEA Elementary students?
A: Students are given the four core classes: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies plus the Encore classes (PE/Health, Art, Music, etc.) For additional support, students may utilize links on the Bald Eagle Area website for numerous extra resources such as Everyday Math and Reading Wonders. To view these extra resources, click on the link:
Q: Will a student with an IEP have support?
A: A Special Education teacher will be provided to monitor students with IEPs or 504’s. You will work with your child’s teacher and BEA Cyber Academy staff to determine how to best
meet the needs of your child through an individual learning plan. Gifted students will work with a gifted teacher to meet the goals of their GIEP.
Q: Can parents see their child’s work?
A: Yes. Parents have the ability to view their child’s work, online activity, course and academic progress as often as they would like.
Q: What if I change my mind and want to return to regular school?
A: Yes, it is certainly possible. In general, online curriculum does not match the traditional school curriculum in the same order of content instructed. For example, your child may be reading a different novel for Language Arts or working on a different component of Science when compared to what is being done in the traditional school. All standards are covered, but the order of content may be different. It would be beneficial for students to switch after completing a full semester.
Q: Can Homeschool students enroll in BEACA?
A: Yes. Homeschool students are welcome to attend the BEACA. They would become a BEA student.
Q: What elective courses are available?
A: Elective courses are available from Educere (, Accelerate Education (, and Edgenuity (
Q: What is the parental role in online education?
A: As a parent, your role is similar to having a child enrolled in a traditional school. You will have a greater responsibility for keeping your child accountable for doing their work. Teachers will not be physically present to keep them on task.
Q: How do I know if my child is a good fit for a cyber learning experience?
A: Below are some pros and cons to enrolling in BEACA or any online program:
1. Hours are flexible so students can work during the day or have time to engage in other activities that require them to leave before traditional school is over.
2. Daily assignments/expectations are organized for the student to see what they need to do.
3. Most assignments are graded immediately so students know if they are passing or failing.
4. Courses are paced so students know if they are falling behind.
5. Enables motivated students to accelerate.
6. Instructions and course organization is visual so students know what is expected of them.
7. Students are able to acquire online learning skills for higher education opportunities that also utilize online learning platforms.
8. A large selection of electives are available that are often not able to be offered in traditional schools.
1. Students prone to procrastination are at an increased risk of failure.
2. Students who are not disciplined or supervised can quickly fall behind.
3. There is a large amount of independent reading. Students who struggle with reading may
become overwhelmed or frustrated.
4. There tends to be more required assignments in an online program than in a traditional
5. The use of independent learning skills is necessary.
6. There is less social interaction between peers and/or teachers.
7. Course content does not follow the Bald Eagle Area School District curriculum.
8. Motivation is difficult to maintain when students are home alone and distracted.
We understand we are in a time of uncertainty, with many unknowns. However, we are confident that the teachers and support staff at Bald Eagle Area can offer your child a quality education through our traditional or online educational delivery system. BEACA has been serving students since 2007 and has graduated students who have gone on to be successful in college, enter a trade, or serve in the United States military.
Please let us know how we can help you decide the best path of education for your child. For any additional questions please contact our Cyber School Facilitator, Margie Fisher, who can be reached at (814)380-1393 or

Thank you,
Scott Graham
Bald Eagle Area School District Superintendent