A message from Mr. Graham

June 8, 2020

Dear Bald Eagle Area Community:

I would like to formally introduce myself.  My name is Scott Graham and I am currently in my sixth day as Bald Eagle Area Superintendent.

Although I am only starting my second week as Superintendent, I have been transitioning into the position since late April.  I am so grateful for all the kindness and support I have received from the Board, administration, faculty, staff, and members of the community I have met with.  I truly feel blessed to be able to work and lead such a wonderful district.

My first week was very busy and culminated with a wonderful graduation.  There are so many people responsible for making this year’s graduation possible and I am so happy that we were able to have a “traditional” graduation ceremony in the stadium considering the unprecedented times we live in.  To the Class of 2020, although I do not know you on a personal level, I have been thinking about you ever since I was offered the job by the Board.  I wish you all the best and may you be successful in your future endeavors.  Congratulations as now you are officially alumni of Bald Eagle Area School District.

As Superintendent, you will find that I am approachable and transparent.  I have an “open door” policy and believe that parents and the community are a vital link to our success in educating our students.  To that end, I plan on keeping you informed as we plan to reopen schools in the fall.  Here is some important information that we are currently working on:

1. We are planning to present a revised calendar to the Board at Thursday night’s Board meeting that would start the school year a week early since the Grange Fair has been cancelled this year.  I met with the superintendents of Bellefonte and Penns Valley to discuss this idea.  It is important that our three district’s calendars align since we send students to vocational programs at CPI.  If the calendar is passed by the Board, the first day for students will be August 25, 2020 and the last day will be May 28, 2021.  This would be a one-year only change and we would go back to a more traditional calendar for the 2021-2022 school year due to the Grange Fair.

2. We will be working on a School Safety and Instructional Plan over the summer.  I believe everyone wants to have school in-person without requiring students to wear masks.  As we receive guidance from the State and work on developing our plan, I will keep you updated.

3. A survey will be forthcoming in the next few weeks to parents regarding your thoughts and opinions on re-opening school and options available to your child(ren) regarding in-person, on-line, or a hybrid model of learning.  We do not want to lose any of our students to other schools so we will do our best to customize your child(ren)’s mode of learning based on your answers to the survey.

4. At this point, PIAA has not made a decision regarding fall sports.

5. Buildings will remain closed to the public indefinitely.  We are required to have our Safety Plan approved by the Board and sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  However, if you need to meet with the building principals or someone at the administration office, please call ahead and they will set up a time to meet with you.

6. We will be opening the track up to the public beginning tomorrow, June 9 from 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday) and from 7:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. on the weekends.


 Scott V. Graham, Superintendent