Middle/High School. Expectations for ALL students during Virtual Instruction:

Bald Eagle Area Middle and High School Middle


Expectations for ALL students during Virtual Instruction:

• Students are expected to be in attendance for ALL classes/Zooms on their daily schedule excluding study halls.  First period begins at 8:11 AM.
• Students are expected to utilize their school issued Chrome book.
•This is a virtual classroom, therefore appropriate classroom behavior and school appropriate dress is expected. 
Students will be held accountable for all assigned work during virtual instruction. 
• Assigned work for scheduled classes must be submitted on the specified date and time to receive full credit.  This includes viewing videos, completing practice activities, tests/quizzes, and all other assignments.
• Students are expected to be actively engaged and participating in their virtual classroom.
• Students who do not report for a scheduled class will be marked absent in Sapphire.
• If three or more classes are missed in the same day, a student will be considered absent for the day.
• Parents of students that are not able to participate in virtual instruction with these parameters should contact Mrs. Heverly(Grades 6-8) or Mr. Tobias (Grades 9-12) at (814) 355-4868 to discuss their extenuating circumstance.
• All grading will follow the current grading scale.


Virtual Classroom/Zoom Etiquette


• Log into your class or meeting on time from a distraction-free, quiet environment.
• Please keep your audio on mute until you want to speak. This will help to limit background noise. 
• Consider using the headset with an external mic (provided by the school) for best hearing and speaking capabilities. 
• Close unneeded applications on your computer to optimize the video quality.
• If you would like to speak or answer a question, use the “Raise Hand” feature. Then unmute yourself after you are called on by your teacher. 
• If you would like to use the chatbox, remember that it is public, and a record of the chat is kept and archived. 
• Keep paper and a pen or pencil handy to take notes. 
• Make sure your video is on (teacher preference) so your teacher and peers can see you. 
• Be mindful of your background lighting. If you are sitting with your back to a window, you may be silhouetted by the light coming through. Your overhead light might also need to be adjusted for the best image quality.
• Please take care of your personal needs (appropriate dress, basic hygiene, eating, chewing gum, talking to others in your home, etc.) prior to entering a Zoom classroom.
• Please do not use profanity or inappropriate language. 
• Remember to sign out or “leave the meeting” when the session is finished.


Please, respect your teachers and all the work they have done to teach you in the virtual classroom. This might be a challenge for them too. We are all learning together. The best way to show them you appreciate their hard work is with good behavior and active participation in the virtual classroom.