American Rescue Plan (ARP)

American Rescue Plan Documents

American Rescue Plan is the third installment of the COVID-19 relief funds to be used primarily to provide extra support due to learning loss from the impact of COVID-19. The following document is a preliminary guide to how Bald Eagle Area plans on using the funds.

Cares Act Application

ESSR II Application

ESSR III ARP Application

ARP ESSER Health and Safety Plan

2023-24 BEASD Health Safety Plan Revised 4-9-2024

Stakeholder Meeting Power Point Presentations

Bald Eagle Area School District has Stakeholder Meetings to provide information to the community about how all Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds will be used. During these informational meetings stakeholders are invited to provide their input. Below are the Google Slide presentations for public review from our past Stakeholder Meetings.

Stakeholder Meeting July 19, 2021

Stakeholder Meeting 7% ARP ESSER Powerpoint November 12, 2021

Stakeholder Meeting ESSER II & III January 18, 2022

Survey of Stakeholders through the Month of November to help prioritize use of the 7% Set Aside funds from the American Rescue Plan.

Survey Results

Grant Content

After School Set Asides

Summer-School Set Aside

5% Set Aside