Transporting our students safely to and from school everyday is the utmost concern to all of us. The Bald Eagle Area School District has adopted a transportation discipline policy that is necessary to make the ride to and from school a safe ride.

The following behaviors are considered minor policy violations and may require discipline from the appropriate building administrator if the problem cannot be resolved between the student and the bus driver: insubordination to the bus driver, refusing to sit in assigned seat, standing or changing seats while bus is in motion, discourteous to other children, crowding to door before bus stops, pushing and jostling when getting or off the bus, and other offenses as defined in building level policy.

The following behaviors are considered major policy violations and will result in loss of privilege to ride the bus for a period of time: fighting on the bus, smoking or using tobacco in any form, damaging or destroying bus property, throwing any objects, striking matches, cigarette lighters, or lighting fireworks, or other incendiary devices, any conduct that endangers the lives of students or distracts the bus driver, offensive language and/or obscene gestures, controlled substance possession or use, and other offenses as defined in building level policy.

In the event a student's bus transportation privilege is suspended, parents will receive written notification and be responsible for providing transportation during the suspension.

Questions relating to transportation or transportation policy should be directed to the Director of Transportation at (814) 355-5516.

Students are to be at bus stops approximately 5 minutes before the scheduled bus times. They are to be at the bus stop, not on porches or in the house.