Pre-Season Bus Routes

(Arriving at HS @ 3:00 PM)

B.E.A Fall 2022 Pre-season Bus Schedule

Day Date School Arrival School Departure

Monday AUGUST 15 3 pm 8:30 PM

Tuesday AUGUST 16 3 pm 8:30 PM

Wednesday AUGUST 17 3 pm 8:30 PM

Thursday AUGUST 18 3 pm 8:30 PM

Friday AUGUST 19 3 pm 6 PM

Monday AUGUST 22 3 pm 6 pm

Tuesday August 23 3 pm 6 pm

Wednesday August 24 3 pm 6 pm

Thursday August 25 3 pm 6 pm

Monday August 29 3 pm 6 pm

Students will be picked up at the same locations where the late buses drop kids off in the

evening during the school year.

Pre-season and Late Bus Routes

From High School

Milesburg Area – Travels through Confer’s Development to Milesburg, turns at monument and travels

on Old Route 220 to Mount Eagle, then travels to the Yarnell Community Center via Moose Run Road

(approximately 45-minute route)

Howard – We start the run at Black St/ Walnut St in Howard at 2:30 and then we make a left out of

Howard and down 150. Our driver checks all the side streets as he comes down 150 and arrives at the HS

at about 2:50

Port Matilda Area – Travels along Route 220 stopping at the triangle in Unionville. It then proceeds

down the valley through Julian to Port Matilda Borough and makes a stop at the Port Matilda Elementary.

(Approximately 35-minute route)

Mountain Top Area – Travels on Route 144 through Runville, stops at the park in Snow Shoe, the Brass

Rail, Brothers Pizza, through Clarence, Cherry Run and the Ridge Road and back to Livergoods. It then

proceeds to the lower end of Pine Glen and back to the crossroads, travels to Moshannon and then back

to Snow Shoe. If there are 2 buses, one goes to Snow Shoe and Clarence, the other bus travels to

Moshannon and Pine Glen. (Approximately 1 hour route.)

To High School Just reverse the directions above for each area. During the school year, late busses leave at 6 p.m. Monday

thru Thursday and at 5:45 p.m. on Friday.