BEA offers Safe2Say Something helpline

An anonymous reporting system for schools across the commonwealth is up and running and Bald Eagle Area School District partnered with the state to launch the Safe2Say Something helpline through the Safe2Say Program.

It provides an additional way for students, teachers and members of the public to report behavior that may endanger the school and people in it. The initiative, mandated by a state law known as Act 44, is also designed to help students and staff recognize warning signs of individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others, especially through social media.

It went into effect Jan. 14, 2019.

Superintendent Jeff Miles said the district also offers the Safe School Helpline, similar to Safe2Say Something, which students are trained on through a video. The program trains students and school staff on how to recognize signs and signals, and to “say something,” either by using the Safe2Say Something hotline and/or applications or to tell an adult or trusted adviser.

  • Recognize the signs and signals of at-risk behaviors – especially within social media;
  • Take every sign and signal seriously; act quickly to get help by talking to a trusted adult or report it anonymously through the S2SS Office of the Attorney General 24/7 Crisis Center, mobile app, or website;
  • Respond to and manage the submitted tip via a school-based multi-disciplinary educator and administrator teams.

To learn more, visit or download the mobile app for Apple and Android devices. The Safe2Say reporting system may be accessed by calling the crisis center at 1-844-5-SAYNOW. You may also learn more about the Safe School Helpline, here: