Miss Gilbert’s class at Wingate Elementary completed a giving project. This is a way to teach the kids that not only is it fun to receive gift on Christmas but it can be fun to give back. This year they chose to make donations to Rising Hope. Rising Hope is an organization that provides horse riding therapy to individuals with special needs and veterans. This organization is very important to her class as they attend as a class once a month during the fall and spring. It really helps with not only the students physical needs but also their social skills! They were able to raise $378 dollars!  The students purchased 6 bags of feed, 10 bags of bedding pellets, 6 salt licks, 2 fly sprays, and 3 brushes. They were also able to get some snacks and water for the amazing volunteers!  Excellent work!  Tis the season of giving. We are very proud of Miss Gilbert and her wonderful, giving students!  💙💛🎅🏻