Equipment Agreement Amendment

BEAMS 1:1 Equipment Agreement Amendment

Bald Eagle Area School District

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the Bald Eagle Area School District would like to make Chromebooks available for home use to assist our students in access to online educational resources. The use of Bald Eagle Area School District devices and networks are a privilege that requires users to adhere to policies and procedures established by the District. The assigned Chromebook is the property of the Bald Eagle Area School District and is on loan to the student for the current academic school year. To receive this equipment, the following conditions must be met:

● The student and parent/guardian must agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the “Acceptable Use and Safety of Internet Policy No. 815”.
● The student and parent/guardian must agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the BEAMS 1:1 Handbook.
● The student and parent/guardian must sign and return the “BEAMS 1:1 Equipment Agreement” form.

General Conditions of Use:

● Users are responsible for using the technology and all related programs, files, accounts, and equipment in an ethical and legal manner.
● Users must not alter or modify the pre-installed software in any way.
● The users are not to deface or destroy the Chromebook, or accessories which are the property of the Bald Eagle Area School District and are on loan to the student for educational purposes for the current academic school year. 
● The Chromebook is issued to the assigned student only and only to be used for school related work  Users must not lend the Chromebook to anyone.

● If there is an issue with a Chromebook, students should take the device to the Technology Office during school hours.  

● If a Chromebook needs to be repaired because of neglect or student-inflicted damage, the student, and/or parent/guardian will be responsible for full replacement of the part broken or the entire Chromebook.
● Violation of these rules may result in disciplinary action which would include, but not limited to, the loss of use of loaned equipment.

Signature for Chromebook Policies Agreement for the 2019-2020school year:

I have read and understand the BEAMS 1:1 Handbook and agree to abide by it and all related district policies. I hereby accept the issued device and the liabilities for myself/ my child for violations to this agreement.

Student Name (please print) ___________________________________ Grade__________

Student Signature ____________________________________________Date_____________

Parent/Guardian Name (please print) _______________________________________ Date___________

Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________________

Click here to download the Equipment Agreement. Please print this out and return filled out.