Google Classroom Information

May 8, 2020


Dear Parents and Guardians of Grade 4 and Grade 5 Students,

We hope you and your family are holding up well during these challenging times. We value our partnership with you and are committed to providing quality remote educational opportunities for students. This correspondence is to update you on a fewchanges to our Continuity of Education remote learning plan for students in Grades 4 and 5. 

Beginning the week of May 11th,  Choice Boards will no longer be mailed to all students. Grade 4 and Grade 5 level teachershave been successfully communicating with students via email, Zoom, and through Google Classroom over the past several weeks. Moving forward, families with internet access will be able to access the Choice Boards from teacher Google Classrooms and the main page of the BEA website. Additional documents supporting Choice Board weekly content (e.g., worksheets, leveled readers, etc.) will also be included. Families with no internet or do not have stable internet access will still continue to receive the weekly Choice Boards via the US mail. A few additional worksheets or short reading texts will be included to support, enhance, and clarify Choice Board content.  


Grade 4 and Grade 5 level teachers will post class content (e.g., Choice Boards, worksheets, game instructions, etc.) to their Google Classrooms. Any student requiring access to a teacher’s Google Classroom should use one of the codes below to join. Students can submit weekly Choice Board check-in assessments, via Google Classroom, to their teacher(s).




Google Classroom Code





Howard Elementary

Ms. Jones’ Homeroom



Mrs. Buchanan’s Homeroom

All students already joined


Mrs. Sowers

4th 4fq6mis

5th w3oazjn






Mountaintop Elementary

Mrs. Gugliocciello



Mrs. Thompson



Mrs. Sowers

4 cf6z6dz

5 sknpwsik


Mrs. Schall






Port Matilda Elementary

Mr. Proctor



Mrs. Gilbert



Mrs. Hanrahan

4 nwcgdhz

5 574eyfc













Wingate Elementary

Mrs. Van Cise’s Homeroom



Ms. Pratt’s Homeroom



Mrs. Narehood’s Homeroom



Ms. Camp

Blue Team – kmaabyg

Green Team – yizym3w

Red Team – hxaoiba


Mr. Proctor

Blue Team – mwsssrh

Green Team – eadyzv6

Red Team – rvt5dtf


Mrs. Ternent

Blue Team – rrbrxhn

Green Team – 53ukond

Red Team – bm3scdv


Mrs. Burger



Mrs. Stover



Mrs. Graham

4 5ls3ebb

5 6nyl7wa


Mrs. Klimek



Mrs. Franks

4 racgyvu





**Students need to join a Google Classroom using their own “” email accounts. 


As with any new educational implementation, there will likely be problems and concerns along the way. We ask for your patience and understanding as we travel this new territory together. Please do not stress over these new instructional changes as they are intended to keep student minds and achievement moving forward. Feel free to contact your child’s teacher(s) via email between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:20 PM if you need help or have questions. 


In closing, we wish you and your family the very best. Stay safe and healthy.


Dr. Joseph Clapper, Interim Superintendent

BEA Elementary Administrative Team