Fall Athletic Event Crowd Information

B.E.A. Fall Athletic Event Crowd Information

Last evening, September 25, 2020 the Board of Education for the Bald Eagle Area School District approved new guidelines for Fall athletic events at Alumni Stadium and the high school gymnasium.

Here are the general guidelines:

1. BEA students participating in football, cheerleading, volleyball, soccer, cross country, and marching band will be allowed 4 guests to their event. Those guest can be their parent/guardians, siblings, and grandparents only.  Handicapped fans should contact the Athletic Office at 355-5721 or 280-0250 or douglas.dyke@beasd.net for accommodations as soon as possible.
2. Fans can attend the event that their child(ren) areparticipating in. Once that event is over, you areasked to leave. This allows us to maintain as much social distancing as possible.  Example: Your child plays in the junior high volleyball A game. Once that match is over, you will leave so the B team fans can come into the facility.
3. Visiting team athletes will be allowed 2 guests to their event.  This is only open to parent/guardians or grandparents. Handicapped fans should contact the Athletic Office at 355-5721 or 280-0250 or douglas.dyke@beasd.net
4. All fans must sign in upon arrival, will have their temperature taken, and MUST wear their mask for the entirety of the event.  Failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the facility.
5. Currently, there are no concessions.

Alumni Stadium (Football)

1. We have both seating and standing sections. These sections are clearly marked.  Fans MUST sit/stand in these sections only. No children are permitted to be playing on grassy areas.
2. There is a white line painted around the outside of the track fence. Fans are to walk to the outside of that line when they are near any fans standing along the fence.
3. Varsity Football - There are 74 sitting sections available for home fans.  Some of these sections are on the visiting side of the field. There will also be 95 standing sections for home and visiting fans. Parents attending the varsity football games must register with the Athletic Office, 355-5721 or 280-0250 or douglas.dyke@beasd.net by Noon on Thursday of game week if they want to be entered into the lottery for one of the sitting sections. Thursday afternoon/evening a lottery will be held for the sitting sections. Those not selected in the lottery or those that miss the Noon deadline must use one of the 95 standing sections around the fence. If you are selected for a seating section for the 10/2 game, you will not be included in the drawing for the 10/23 game unless there are extra spots available. If other games are added, we will continue the same process.
4. Junior High & JV games – will be open sitting/standing in the marked sections on a first-come-first-serve basisJunior high fans are reminded tONLY attend the games their child is playing in.

High School Gymnasium

1. We will have seating sections that are clearly marked.  Fans MUST sit in these sections. 
2. If there is more than one match, fans are asked to exit via the doors at the Wingate end of The gymnasium. Fans are reminded to ONLY attend the games That their child is playing in.