A message from Mr. Graham

Dear BEA Community,There are two items that I will be discussing with the Board Thursday night and I wanted to let you know prior to the meeting.
First, after discussing with the MS/HS administration and department heads, I will be recommending that mid-terms and final exams be cancelled for this school year.  The department heads will be looking at revising these exams and their total grade value starting with next year.
Second, our teachers have been asked to do much more this year, especially with virtual teaching.  Many have had to cover classes due to a lack of substitute teachers which has led to many of our staff putting in unusually long hours beyond the school day.  I will be asking the Board to give teachers 2 hours of additional planning time in December, 4 hours each month January through April and 2 hours in May for a total of 20 hours.  This will be accomplished with scheduled 2 hour delays that will be added to the calendar and sent to parents prior to Thanksgiving.
I realize this may be a hardship for some of our families but I hope that you will support this recommendation for the good of both our staff and students.
I truly appreciate the support and understanding I have seen from parents and students, especially when we have had to quarantine this year.  I cannot predict what the future may hold but it continues to be my intention to keep schools open and safe for all.
The Board will be discussing these issues Thursday night but I wanted to be transparent with you and explain my rationale, especially for the need to give teachers and staff additional planning time.
Thank you,
Scott V. Graham