Covid update

Dear BEA Community:

Here is an update on our COVID counts and my discussion with the DOH:
Currently we have a possible 10th case at Wingate.  As of today, 54 students have been quarantined since early last week.  The high school has 7 active cases with several potential cases and a total of 158 students quarantined.  We do not have any additional cases at Mountaintop, Port Matilda, or Howard.
I spoke with the DOH.  While their goal is to keep schools open, the fact that we have had several cases recently and several possible cases, they said that some school districts have gone remote for a couple days just to see how the potential cases turn out and if additional students/staff need to be quarantined.  Here is what I am going to do based on the conversation.  I am going to see how things progress tonight and tomorrow morning and then I will be communicating with you to let you know if remote learning will be occurring at Wingate and/or the MS/HS on Thursday and Friday.  Regardless of what happens at those schools, it would be my intention to keep Port Matilda, Mountaintop, and Howard Elementary Schools open to in-person learning due to the limited number of cases at those buildings.  There are many factors to consider when making this decision and I know that anytime we go remote it affects both students and parents.  I do not make decisions like this lightly and look at many factors.  
So schools will all be in session for in-person learning tomorrow.  I will be sending out a message to you likely in the early afternoon tomorrow and updating you on our current situation.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Scott V Graham