Covid update

Dear BEA Community:

Here is an update on COVID cases for this week:
Howard Elementary had 0 new cases  with 1 student quarantined; Port Matilda Elementary had 0 cases with 5 quarantined, Mountaintop had 2 positive cases with 6 students quarantined, Wingate Elementary had 2 positive cases with 12 students quarantined, and the MS/HS had 8 positive cases with a total of 57 students quarantined.
Some of the students quarantined were not a result of cases within the schools but rather they were close contacts outside of school.  The one thing that is very noticeable is that the number of students quarantined at the MS/HS and Wingate is significantly lower than in past weeks.
We have had 8 staff members test positive over the past week throughout the district.  My biggest concern currently is staffing and the number of absences we have due to COVID or staff being quarantined because they were close contacts outside of school or they have a family member who tested positive.  I will continue to monitor this closely and keep you updated.
Scott V Graham