Procedures related to safety plan

Dear BEA Community:

Attached are the updated changes to the BEA Safety Plan.  The changes are mainly a result of the new CDC guidelines and recommendations that came out in late December and that I sent out to everyone earlier this month.
The biggest change is that effective immediately, the district will no longer require testing for students/staff who are quarantined for 5 days due to a close contact outside of school or 10 days if the close contact is in the household.
After consulting with our nurses, Administration, and Board, this requirement was becoming very difficult for people to get testing done and it also was not making a significant positive difference to continue to enforce.  Therefore, provided a person is asymptomatic, they can return to school without being tested.  This is explained in items 2 and 3 under Quarantine Protocols in the attached document.
The entire updated Safety Plan will be posted on the website.  The remainder of the plan remains the same.
I hope you have a great weekend.  Students enjoy your day off on Monday.

Scott V. Graham